Activist New York Exhibit at Museum of the City of NY
- NYC 11/29/2013

Explore the drama of social activism in New York City from the 17th century right up to the present in an ongoing exhibit.

In a town renowned for its in-your-face persona, citizens of the city have banded together on issues as diverse as historic preservation, civil rights, wages, sexual orientation, and religious freedom. Using artifacts, photographs, audio and visual presentations, as well as interactive components that seek to tell the entire story of activism in the five boroughs, Activist New York presents the passions and conflicts that underlie the city's history of agitation.

New York Activism Today:

Help the museum tell the story of today's activists! Contribute your images of New Yorkers who are currently involved in our city, its communities, and the larger world, whether through volunteering, organizing, lobbying, petitioning, protesting, making art, or otherwise taking action or speaking out. Upload your images at

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Pictured below: Anti-Vietnam War Demonstration, 1970 • Photograph © Benedict J. Fernandez • Museum of the City of New York, Gift of the photographer, 99.150.16 •“Hard-hats” (pro-Vietnam war) struggle with police and anti-war protesters at Wall Street and Broad Street.

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