New York Call To Action Against Fracking Infrastructure Projects
- New York 10/13/2013 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

Organizers against Fracking are asking folks to mobilize and flood the DEC, The NYS Department of Conservation, with comments on a new set of draft regulations governing proposed infrastructure projects for fracking – storing, liquefying, and shipping natural gas, including export of natural gas. 

United for Action says when flawed regulations on fracking were open for comment during the holiday more than 200,000 comments were sent to the DEC. This unprecedented effort helped to hold off fracking in New York State up to now.

They say proposed pipelines, compressor stations, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) storage facilities, LNG port pose real threats to our health and safety while they pave the way for fracking. There are already threats to New York’s air, water and food from toxins in fracked gas transported from neighboring states through proposed infrastructure projects. 

Here is The Call to Action with comment deadlines fast approaching:

**1. Stop the Spectra Algonquin AIM Pipeline-Comment Deadline to The Federal Energy
Regulatory Commission (FERC) Monday October 14, 2013**

This project involves the expansion of an existing 26" natural gas pipeline to a 42"
pipeline with a proposal to construct a new route under the Hudson River as well as
2 massive compressor stations to be built in Stony Point (Rockland County) and in
Brewster (Putnam County). This new pipeline will be a major link between fracked
shale gas and a natural gas export station in Rhode Island.

**Action Required:** Please click on this: Sierra Club - Atlantic
to ask for an extension of the comment period by at least 90 days since the public
was not widely notified about the project and was given extremely short notice to

**2. Keep Seneca Gas Free-Comment Deadline to FERC Tuesday October 15, 2013**

Inergy Midstream proposes to store Liquefied Petroleum Gas and expand natural gas
storage in some abandoned salt caverns under Seneca Lake in Reading, NY, a drinking
water source for more than 100,000 people.  These proposed projects threaten to
jeopardize one of the largest sources of freshwater in the United States, threaten
the health of countless residents, and threaten to devastate the growing wine and
tourism industries in the region.

**Action Required:** Please click on this: Earthjustice to send your comment to FERC.

**3. LNG, Liquified Natural Gas Facilities-Comment Deadline to DEC Monday November 4, 2013**

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facilities use immense pressure and extremely cold
temperatures to compress gas into a liquid and store it for a variety of uses — for
vehicle fuel, for industry, for the interstate pipeline system, and for exporting
gas overseas.  LNG facilities also release climate-destroying methane into our
atmosphere and pose direct threats to our safety.

In 1973, a massive explosion killed 40 people at a LNG facility in Staten Island. Ever since, construction of new LNG facilities has been under a de facto ban in New York State.  But now, 40  year later, the DEC has suddenly proposed regulations that will lift that ban. As you may have expected, the proposed rules are totally inadequate and an industry give away.

**Action Required:**  (1). Please click on this: Return to 30 Days to use Sandra Steingraber’s excellent, super user-friendly and easy to follow instructions to send comment to DEC.  You can participate daily or for as many days as you can.  You can go back on
the days you have missed.

(2). Please attend the public hearings in Syracuse, NY on Wednesday October 16, 2013
and Albany, NY on Wednesday October 30, 2013.  There will be a bus going from New
York City to Albany on Wednesday 10/30/13 for a rally and the hearing.  Here’s the
Bus Sign Up

**4. Stop the LNG Liberty Port Ambrose Project Off Jones Beach**

The first public comment period ended in August, and now the project is continuing
through its review process. The draft environmental impact statement (dEIS) is due
to be released around the end of this month, and that starts the clock ticking on a
45-day comment period.  We will keep you updated on any new development.  In the
meantime, keep calling Governor Cuomo (518) 474-8390 and NJ Governor Christie (609)
292-6000 and ask them to veto Port Ambrose.

This is a lot of gas infrastructure projects we need to fight.  We have no choice
but to continue the fight for our clean water, air, food and health. We know New
Yorkers are up to the challenge.  Let’s work together and generate hundreds of
thousands of comments to DEC and FERC.  We need to stay alert and be vigilant to
guard against allowing the gas industry and our government to sneak fracking into
New York State through the side door or the back door.

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