Building Bridges: Saving Brooklyn Hospitals; Landmark Stop & Frisk Decision; Jazz Impresario Ms. Blu
- 09/19/2013 (

Analyzing The Landmark Decision Holding Stop & Frisk Unconstitutional with Samuel Walker, criminal justice expert, witness in the historic trial Judge Scheindlin's decision confirms what the communities subject to being stopped and frisked already knew, the NYPD's Stop & Frisk program violates the constitutional rights of Black and Latino New Yorkers every day. Samuel Waker, takes us through Judge Scheindlin's voluminous decision to discuss what a monitor can do, what they’ve done in other states, and Judge Shindler’s other recommendations included in her decision and still others that institutionalize the attack on racial profiling. We’ll also discuss AG Eric Holder’s comments on minimum sentencing and criminal justice reform. ********************* Cool Down A Hot Summer’s Eve with Jazz Impresario Ms. Blu As a Jazz and Blues stylist, and committed artist, Ms. Blu resurrects and reconceives, every old, new or original rendition with "liquid soul." Her compelling voice is New York's best-kept musical secret and the secret will be out on Building Bridges – we’ll feature this extraordinary songstress. ********************* Nurses and Community Struggle to Save Dying Brooklyn Hospitals with Jill Furillo, RN, Ex . Dir ., NYS Nurses Association (NYSNA) Maribel Agosto, RN, Long Island College Hospital Ari Moma, RN, Interfaith Medical Center The struggle continues to prevent the closing of two Brooklyn Hospitals, Long Island City Hospital in Cobble Hill and Interfaith Medical Center in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Both serve an area where more than 250,000 people live, many of them poor and uninsured who depend on those facilities. There are more hospitals in Brooklyn and throughout NYC which are in desperate straights and advocates are proposing a new system of state funding to save community hospitals. *********************