Bloomberg Criticized Over Plan to Appeal Stop-and-Frisk Rulings
- New York 08/15/2013 by Linda Perry Barr (WBAI)

— As Mayor Bloomberg promised, the city is set to appeal the Judge's ruling in the Stop and Frisk case, Floyd vs. City of New York. The city's top lawyer, Michael Cardozo, said a notice of appeal will be filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Manhattan. This drew immediate criticism from proponents of police reform. --Mayoral hopeful John Liu said “Mayor Bloomberg’s appeal of the stop-and-frisk ruling is a waste of time and taxpayer money. City Hall should be working to dismantle this unconstitutional policy instead of trying to defend it." The Center for Constitutional Rights echoes Liu's statement. They said “We are very disappointed that the City has signaled it will continue to be part of the problem rather than partnering with us and the community to be part of the solution." The CCR which represented some plaintiffs in the case said, "after nine weeks of trial and solid evidence, the judge found the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk tactics unconstitutional. New Yorkers have denounced these tactics for over a decade and now the federal court has spoken.It is time for Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly to do the right thing and listen to and address these concerns.A police department that protects our city and respects the rights of all New Yorkers is possible.” -- Mayor Michael Bloomberg has called the ruling unfair and insulted the Judge's integrity. He warns it will damage the NYPD's successes in fighting violent crime.

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