Court Settlement Prohibited Children From Talking About Fracking
- New York 08/07/2013 by Andrea Sears (WBAI)

In 2007, shortly after Chris and Stephanie Hallowich had finished building their home in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, gas wells were drilled and fracked on adjacent land.Soon they and their children, aged 7 and 10, were suffering from burning eyes, soar throats, headaches and earaches. They sued the companies responsible for the wells and in2011 the companies settled for seven-hundred-fifty-thousand dollars.In exchange the Hallowiches were forced to agree to the terms of a nondisclosure agreement that imposed a life time ban on any of them, including their children, from ever talking about fracking at all.WBAI's Andrea Sears spoke with Deborah Goldberg, co-managing attorney for the Northeast Office of EarthJustice.

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