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Dear Friends,

We are currently raising funds to support my Father in his ongoing fight with Brain Cancer. You can find more information about it here.

If you have the ability to contribute financially we are most grateful.We understand these are trying times and are also thankful for the ongoing love and support we've received.

With thanks and deep appreciation,
Peter Mayer

Reverend Paul Mayer was a Benedictine monk for 18 years. While in the monastery he was ordained a priest. He later served the community at San Miguelito in Panama. When he returned to the US he became Executive Director of an interfaith coalition working for justice and peace.

He was the co-founder of "Children of War," an award winning youth leadership organization, which worked with teenage youth from international and domestic war zones. He continues to be involved with projects for peace and the environment. Paul is affiliated with the CITI Ministries and is a dedicated yoga practitioner.

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Paul Mayer


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