A ribbon cutting to tear out your, expletive, bike lanes
- NYC 07/02/2012 by Paul Steely White, WBAI Producer (-Transportation Alternatives)

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The future of bicycling and walking in New York City is not set in

You define what happens next!


Eight million New Yorkers are on the brink of a historic election. A
pack of candidates are desperate for your vote -- do they love New
York City's bike lanes as much as you?

The answer matters now more than ever. If you want more protected bike
lanes, public plazas and the expansion of bike share, then you need to
force the candidates to get on the record about bicycling, walking and
public transit.

TAKE ACTION: Tell the candidates, "I bike, I walk and I

In 2011, the New York Times quoted then-Congressman Anthony Weiner as
saying, "When I become mayor, you know what I'm going to
spend my first year doing? I'm going to have a bunch of
ribbon-cuttings tearing out your (expletive) bike lanes."

Poll after poll shows that hating bicycling is a great way to lose an
election. The backlash was instantaneous and Mr. Weiner's
recantation quick, but in 2013, many candidates STILL aren't on
the record about safe bike lanes and traffic-calming public plazas.

You changed the conversation then. Now tell the candidates that to get
your vote, they need to get on the record about bicycling and walking.

Right now, candidates are busy making promises.  By speaking up now,
you can ensure those promises include biking and walking.
Transportation Alternatives doesn't endorse candidates, but in 2014,
T.A. activists will make sure those promises are kept.

Together, we can force the candidates to get on the record about bike
lanes and public plazas. I bike, I walk and I vote -- and I already
let the candidates know. Will you speak up too?

-Paul Steely White
 Executive Director, Transportation Alternatives
 WBAI Producer, Bike Talk (Wednesdays at 7.45 AM)