Community Meeting- WBAI In Crisis: Can We Save It?
- 521 W. 126th Street 07/02/2013

WBAI staff and listeners are invited to participate during the open discussion at this important community meeting on the crisis at WBAI on Tuesday, July 2nd, 6-9pm.
WBAI is in its most severe crisis ever. After years of cutting back programming by/for communities of color and working class people, as well as purging dissenting programmers, listener revenue is collapsing, fund drives are ballooning, debts are mounting, and all paid staff have received layoff notices.

We in the WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign believe that the only chance that the station has, if it is to be saved, is with the education and broad mobilization of listeners and engaged staff.

Therefore we have led the call for a Coalition to Save WBAI that is sponsoring a series of community meetings around the broadcast area aimed at building a movement with the capacity to save WBAI.

Speakers will include: former WBAI Program Director Bernard White; Pacifica National Board member Cerene Roberts; WBAI Local Station Board members Sharonne Salaam, William Heerwagen and Bob Lederer; and others TBA. There will be plenty of time allotted for public participation and the formation of action committees.

For more information, or if your organization would like to join the Coalition to Save WBAI, please email

Coalition to Save WBAI (list in formation):

CEMOTAP (Committee to Eliminate Media Offensive to African People), (Community Progressive Radio), December 12th Movement, Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition, International Action Center, Lynne Stewart Defense Organization, Pakistan-USA Freedom Forum, People's Organization for Progress, Radio Vision, Resistance in Brooklyn, Sound Gatherers, Take Back WBAI Coalition, WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign

WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign
(212) 591-2111

St. Mary's Church, 521 W. 126th Street between Old Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue (1 train to 125th & Bway; A,B,C,D trains to 125th & St. Nicholas), Harlem

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