- 06/09/2013

YOU can help bend the arc of Justice! Groups all around the country have vowed to call EVERY DAY until Attorney General Holder and President Obama give the word: In the name of compassion, it's time to free Lynne Stewart.

Today, make a call for Lynne Stewart!!!

She has stage 4 cancer and needs immediate compassionate release from prison.

Please take a minute to make at least one phone call for Lynne, or keep calling all day. Your calls will have an impact. Add your voice urging immediate Compassionate Release for imprisoned human rights attorney Lynne Stewart who is suffering with Stage 4 cancer in her lungs, chest and lymph nodes. Lynne needs immediate specialized medical care.

CALL: Attorney General Eric Holder - 1 202 514 2001

CALL: White House President Obama – 1 202 456 1414

CALL: Federal Bureau of Prisons – Director Charles Samuels – 1 202-307-3250

And, here are some email addresses you can write to:

Attorney General Eric Holder:

The Department of Justice general email:

President Obama:

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