The only conference that brings together anarchists, radicals and progressives, the Left Forum
- 06/04/2013 by Rebecca Myles (WBAI)

For three days, starting Friday, Pace University in New York is host to the only conference that brings together anarchists, radicals, progressives and liberals for the Left Forum.Over 1000 speakers will be offering workshops and panel discussions on a dizzying array of topics everything from Challenge for the Latin America left in Power, 101 Changemakers Rebels and Radicals who changed American History to A Basic Income for All, Animal Liberation and Social Justice, Art and the Commodity Form and Beyond Bloomberg - the Future of New York. Organizers says it is a powerful way to network, build coalitions and strengthen campaigns and educate ourselves.WBAI's Rebecca Myles spoke to Seth Adler, coordinator of the Left Forum, who had a moment between taking calls from the Ambassador of Venezuela and going to the printer.

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