Yoko Ono Speaks About Her Number One Dance Hit and Her Peace with Paul McCartney
- 06/04/2013 by Patrick Doyle (Yahoo Music)

At the age of 80, Yoko Ono has reached 10 Number One dance hits with her single “Hold Me.” The song was recorded with L.A. DJ Dave Audé and is about lost love.

Ono states that while she knew she was breaking out from the usual rock with John Lennon, she never predicted that she would have moved into the realm of Dance Music. Nevertheless, she’s certainly happy that she’s part of it.

For Ono, Dance is music, health, and therapy all coming together. She’s especially amazed at the popularity of Dance Music Festivals, which she is also very much a part of. Ono is curating the Meltdown Festival, which will take place in London from June 14th to 23rd.

Yoko Ono is also an activist against fracking. She was able to get over 200 music artists to sign up for her group, Artists Against Fracking, including Lady Gaga, the Strokes, and even former Beatles members Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney.

Despite any belief that Yoko Ono was the downfall of the Beatles, Paul states, “She certainly didn’t break the group up.” And even though people may want to see Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono fight, Ono says she has much respect for Paul and that they are on good terms.

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Album Artwork for Ono's new Dance Hit, Hold Me


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