Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Encourage Fans to Connect with Nature
- 05/22/2013 by Steve Jones (USA Today)

Hop-hop/Rap Duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are the newest face of the All Hands on Earth movement. The Nature Conservancy created the movement to encourage people to not only take care of their planet but reconnect with nature. Now, their cause is backed by one of the most popular music groups in America.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis created a video in which they reflect on their experiences with Seattle nature, which they both grew up with. They each stressed the importance nature had on their childhood and said that staying inside all day was unheard of. Instead, they played active games outside, used their imagination, and appreciated the incomparable nature surrounding them.

Surely, the band holding two recent number one hits, Thrift Shop and Can’t Hold Us, should bring some attention to the cause just by being part of the movement. But also, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are now encouraging their fans to sign up for the cause. Thanks to the duo, the Nature conservancy’s resources – which include environmental protection tips and volunteer opportunities - will be distributed much more widely, and there is hope for society to better connect with nature.

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