Feminists Picket White House for the Morning After Pill to be Made Available
- Washington DC 05/15/2013 (WBAI)

Appealing the federal court ruling seems like the logical second step in Obama's strategy to "reaffirm a moderate position in the broader abortion debate that had drawn praise from conservative groups that are normally highly critical of the president," says Pam Belluck at The New York Times.

The National Organization for Women released a statement calling the Justice Department's decision to appeal "a step backwards for women's health."

The Nation's Jessica Valenti argues, the age limits reflect societal values about sex:

The truth is that the age restriction is completely arbitrary, tied only to our puritanical comfort levels. And listen, I get it; I think it’s fair to say that most people are uncomfortable with the idea of a 14-year-old having sex. But here’s the thing — access to Plan B isn’t about keeping a 14-year-old from having sex — by the time she gets to the pharmacy, that ship has sailed — it’s about keeping a 14-year-old who has already had sex from getting pregnant. [The Nation]

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May 14, 2013, Feminists picket the White House for the Morning After Pill to be made available to women without restrictions.


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