Take Charge of Your Health
- 05/13/2013 by Corinne Furnari


Will New York State be the first state in the nation to require the labeling of food containing GMOs -- genetically modified organisms?

Now.... political action on a state level for labeling genetically modified food has come to New York with two bills before the State Legislature.

It's OUR turn..... GMO Labeling Bills have been introduced in the NY Assembly AND....the NY Senate for the current legislative session:

Assembly Bill A3525: has 40 cosponsors
Sponsor: Assemblywoman Linda B. Rosenthal
democrat NYC (212-873-6368 / 518-455-5802)

Senate Bill S3835: has NO cosponsors, This bill needs senate cosponsors.
Sponsor: Senator Kenneth LaValle republican Suffolk county
(631-473-1461 / 518-455-3121)

Over 65 bills concerning GMOs have been introduced nationwide. Although none so far has been enacted into law, NEW York State could be the first.

More than 60 countries have enacted laws banning the use of GMO (genetically modified organisms) in producing food or requiring the labeling of food ingredients with genetic modification. Because of heavy pressure by the biotechnology industry, there are no such laws or regulations in the United States.

The Institute for Responsible Technology --describes genetically modified foods as "not safe." Its literature stresses a report by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine citing studies finding "serious health risks associated" with GMO food including "infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging...and changes to major organs and the gastrointestinal system.

You all know of the recent attempt in California to pass a referendum -- Proposition 37 -- requiring labeling of GMO food. Despite strong public support, it narrowly failed after a $55 million advertising/ misinformation blitz led by biotech giant Monsanto. Yet, only 1/5 of that amount was spent by the bills supporters.

So What can you do?

First of all, most New Yorkers don’t know this bill exists. So begin by contacting, e-mailing, twitting, writing all your friends and neighbors let them know of the existence of this bill.

NEXT: Contact and HOUND your NYS Assembly person and particularly your NYS Senators, the bill needs lots of help in the Senate, and demand they support (and co-sponsor) the GMO labeling bills.

Sign up for ....gmofreeny.net.... look for the green state label to get action alerts...

I know it’s difficult dealing with the legislators. That’s why we have to work hard and fast. This bill needs to get to the floor by June 21 or we’ll have to wait until next year.

While we don’t want to wait, we will if necessary, and we won’t go away.

Sign up for ....gmofreeny.net and look for the green state label to get action alerts......

Corinne's comment:
This talk in its entirety will be heard next week's on wake up call.

Consumers are being misled every time they go to the grocery store. When food isn’t labeled, you have no way to differentiate GE foods from non GE foods. WE have a labeling law. How do you justify this concealment when we have long had a law requiring ALL the contents in our food and beverages be labeled?

That’s why we need you to take action!

Whether your a New Yorker or not support your Right To Know what's in the food you buy. Help us, call Senators and voice your opinion. They need to know how strongly you feel about this health issue.

Find your NYS Assemblyperson: http://assembly.state.ny.us/mem/

Find your NYS Senator: http://www.nysenate.gov/

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