Bill de Blasio supports NYCLASS :It's inhumane. It's in front of our very eyes." We need to get rid of horse carriages now
- 05/07/2013 by Michael Holmes (WBAI)

New Yorkers came out last night to tell the mayoral candidates that they want to elect an animal friendly mayor,The forum was moderated by Manhattan Media CEO Tom Allon.

 Allie Feldman, Lead organizer  asked the audience members to take out their phones and call Quinn about banning horse carriages. “There is one thing that everyone in this room can agree on and that is that Christine Quinn has not been a friend to animals."

New York City has contracted the USDA, to kill Canada geese. The birds are rounded up when they're molting and can't fly away, then taken to mobile gas chambers where they die a slow, painful death.The birds are killed for air travel safety. Mayor Bloomberg didn't try other methods to deal with geese, said de Blasio.

Tom Allon mentioned  fires in pet stores Speaker Quinn opposed requiring sprinklers in pet stores. John Liu fired back "It makes no sense that there would be no sprinkler system to protect pets in the event of a fire."

 Controller John Liu had a strong opinion on pet owners who “pure-bred” animals. “We’ve rejected that notion for human beings. Why would we allow that to continue for dogs and cats?” Liu said. He backed a measure to require city pet stores to sell only animals from shelters or rescues. Sal Albanese said "Fairness for all 5 boroughs is central to my campaign. So I believe Queens & the Bronx deserve quality animal shelters, too."

Republican mayoral hopeful John Catsimatidis believes "Horses provide a kind of ambiance". They should be limited to Central Park,The audience at the forum responded with boos. Comedic king Castsimadtidis thinks horses can talk " When those horses are ready to retire, build them a small stable and have them as part of the zoo".

Public Advocate Bill  de Blasio supported NYCLASS’s goal of completely banning the horse-drawn carriages, " It's inhumane. It's in front of our very eyes." We need to get rid of horse carriages now."

To learn more about NYCLASS and to sign the petition to call for a ban on horse drawn carriages in NYC, click the Read More link below

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