Venezuela-Bourgeois-Led Opposition Takes to the Streets
- Venezuela 04/16/2013 by Daniel Villa of La Voz Latina on WBAI Saturdays 6 to 7am

The Left is generally sending messages that Maduro won and his victory must be respected, however the Right-Wing is not planning to respect anything and they never have respected the popular will.

The bourgeois press is doing what one would expect and pushing for mass protests against the government. And so that is what is taking place, though the Left in the U.S. and other countries wish to ignore this.

Several people have died in clashes in various cities and fires started.

Also, various offices of the government and television stations have been attacked.

The following stories and pictures are only a glimpse, much more than in the Venezuelan corporate press.

The corporate press view is the one that is still massively read in Venezuela, much to our dislike, and the reason why Capriles received so many votes. Sometimes we on the Left refuse to see or read what the masses read and see.

The only good thing that may come out of this is that the newly elected government confronts the U.S. inspired Right-wing by nationalizing their properties and jailing the terrorists. If this is not done, the Right will work, with total US/Obama support, to overthrow violently everything which has been achieved in the last 14 years.

Above: from EL UNIVERSAL   -
Monday April 15, 2013 06:06 PM
A group of people on Monday afternoon blocked traffic on Francisco de Miranda avenue, at Altamira square, east Caracas, causing a serious traffic jam in the area.
Roads in the sector were also closed. Demonstrators shouted slogans calling for the defense of the vote and rejected the results of the presidential election announced by the National Electoral Council (CNE) on Sunday. National Guard troops shot rubber bullets and hurled tear gas canisters at demonstrators.

Above-  from the newspaper El Nacional.
Thousands have gone into the streets across Venezuela in what was done just before Pinochet took over in Chile, 'Cacerolazo'; is the slamming of pans with utensils. The protestors are supporters of Capriles.

At MturĂ­n Monagas

At Carabobo

At Maracaibo, Zulia

At Lara