Women in brightly colored cloth and drummers meet once a week in a tiny dance studio in the East Village
- 04/05/2013 by Rebecca Myles (WBAI)

The sounds of a Congolese dance class which happens in this tiny East Village studio every Wednesday night, where for a couple of hours, mostly women tie brightly colored cloth around their waists and to the accompaniment of a live drummer learn basic Congolese dance movements, everything from warrior moves to an experience of planting seeds in the ground or flinging seeds into furrows.The movements focus on the center of the body with pelvic rotations, twisting and bending.The classes, which form part of Fushadance were created by Funmilayo Chesney, who was born in Brazil grew up Guyana, now lives in Brooklyn but whose maternal ancestor came from Congo.Funmilayo calls her class, medicine dance.20 years ago she worked in bank until she discovered dance. and says if you've danced lum-bada, samba, salsa or merengue, the roots of those dances are all from Congo dance.WBAI's Rebecca Myles spoke to her about dance

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