Dr. Jeffrey B. Perry On Talk-Back Hugh And The Power Of WBAI
- NYC 03/22/2013 by Dr. Jeffrey B. Perry (Hugh Hamilton)

Dr. Jeffrey B. Perry is an independent scholar of the working class formally educated at Princeton, Harvard, Rutgers and Columbia universities. Last Thursday, I hosted him in studio (Talk Back, Hugh) for an in-depth discussion of his work on Hubert Harrison and Theodore W. Allen, ahead of his lecture the following night at the Brecht Forum. Below is a thank-you note I received from him today.


Hugh Hamilton

    From: jeffreybperry@gmail.com
    To: talktohugh@aol.com
    Sent: 3/17/2013 12:08:47 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
    Subj: Thank you . . . and more

     Dear Hugh,

      Hi. Hope you are well.

    Thank you so very much for hosting the discussion on Hubert Harrison and Theodore W. Allen last Thursday. Your political understanding and familiarity with the subject matter, your engaging questions and commentary, and your sense of where to move the discussion are exceptional and were truly appreciated.

    I also want to share with you some new developments that indicate the importance and impact of the work you do. In the days since the radio show hundreds upon hundreds of new visitors have come to my website’s sections on Hubert Harrison and Theodore W. Allen. On Friday night at the Brecht Forum there was a large number of first time attendees for the class on “The Invention of the White Race” and “The Origin of Racial Oppression in Anglo-America.” People came early (the first arrival was two-hours before the presentation) and continuously – so many in fact that we had to open the double doors to the room we were in because of the overflow. Virtually all the new people who came pointed out that they regularly listened to your show and that they had heard our discussion on Thursday. These first time attendees were a remarkable group – politically astute people with histories of struggle and activism -- class conscious and anti-white supremacist -- members of the "Talk Back!" Family all! The work that you do is truly bearing fruit and is clearly deeply appreciated by, and important to, your listening audience.

    Thank you so much for your contributions to the struggle.

    All best wishes,


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