Demonstration to Ban Fracking in New York's Southern Tier
- Oxford, New York 03/02/2013 by Jim Krivo (WBAI)

Oxford, New York is a small town in the Southern Tier of upstate New York. There are rumors that Governor Cuomo has hinted that if towns in the Southern Tier agree to accept hydro-fracking, it will be in this region that it will be testedfirst. Therefore, it is in the Southern Tier that the battle over whether or not to allow fracking is taking place.

Oxford lies just 40 miles from the New York City Reservoir. It has a population of 1,700, is a community of old homes, churches and parks, and is located in Chenango County. Chenango County is where Chobani Greek style yogurt is currently being produced.

On March second, on a cold and windy day, about a dozen people, part of a group called Concerned Residents of Oxford, gathered in this small town, demonstrating to ban fracking. Jim Krivo spoke with a few of the demonstrators there.

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Concerned Residents of Oxford protest hydrofracking