Grand Central Terminal Centennial Exhibit
- Grand Central Terminal 03/06/2013 by James Krivo (WBAI)

This is the Centennial year for Grand Central Station and currently there is an exhibitin Vanderbilt Hall, which will remain only until March 15. It is an exhibit worth seeing on many levels. There is also a book that can be purchased about the exhibit, and you can log to for information. Jim Krivo interviews the director of the New York City Transit Museum, Gabrielle Schubert, who lets us have a glimpse as to one, can see at the exhibit.

headline photo
Cary Grant in North By Northwest, 1958 – Grant plays a Madison Avenue advertising executive suddenly thrust into a world of spies and danger, thanks to a case of mistaken identity. Using the crowd in Grand Central to escape the police, he takes the 20th Century Limited to Chicago…meeting a beautiful blond who helps him evade capture. Credit: New York Transit Museum.


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