School Bus Strike Ends
- New York City 02/16/2013 by Eileen Connelly, Karen Matthews (AP)

Leaders of the Amalgamated Transit Union said service for New York City schools would resume Wednesday, when classes resume following mid-winter recess. "Though our strike has been suspended, the principles that we fight for remain pressing issues that the city will have to address," said local union president Michael Cordiello.The school bus companies said in a statement they were relieved the "pointless" strike was over, and still must work on a collective bargaining agreement with the union. Parents and students said Friday they would welcome the walkout's end. .Bloomberg said in a statement. "In the city's entire history, the special interests have never had less power than they do today, and the end of this strike reflects the fact that when we say we put children first, we mean it."Union leaders said Friday they were "dismayed" by the Bloomberg administration, which didn't help bring the strike to a close."In January when Mayor Bloomberg is gone, we are comfortable that his entire scheme will be rejected," Cordiello said. "We are grateful that so many elected leaders in this city are choosing the facts as a path to a conclusion, rather than a conclusion as a path to the facts."

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