Thursday 10:00am - Noon

Hosted by: Tecla Esposito and Mike Sargeant

Web Site: http://www.iamtecla.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/iamtecla

This program is designed for audiences who are interested in mixed genres of music that is alternative to the mainstream norm. Tecla Esposito is a female musician who was classically trained in piano, studied Ethnomusicology in college, and has been involved in various musical ensembles, as well as my own self-produced projects, since college. 

She has traveled around the world playing music, and upon returning from her travels,  noticed a void in FM radio’s portrayal of local and world youthful alternative pop music. 

When thinking of popular music, one always thinks of the mainstream top 40 billboard charts.  Tecla's goal is to expose the avid music listener who seeks alternatives to dance, funk, instrumental, new wave, electronic, lyrical, live music from all over the world, including right here in New York City. 

Mike Sargent started his career in theater and film as a sound designer. He was nominated several times for the prestigious Audelco Award for excellence in Sound Design. From there Mike went on to write, produce and direct radio drama and audio books, adapting the works of such acclaimed science-fiction authors as Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clark and has been the recipient of a series of grants to develop his feminist-science-fiction play Nemesis.

The music played here will open up a discussion of musical genre, history, and instrumentation for people seeking new music.  The discussion will be complemented by weekly musical guests who fit the alternative characteristics of the program, talk about their process, and perform a few songs live. 

This program opens the minds of diverse listeners everywhere to various forms of fun, positive, uplifting music, intended for people to Turn It Up! It also expands the range of WBAI listeners to youthful alternative music fans looking for something new and fresh on FM radio.