Sunday, April 23, 2017 April Community Advisory Board (CAB) Meeting (CAB)
01:00 PM - 03:00 PM at 60 Wall Street NY, NY 11210

WBAI Community Advisory Board (CAB) Meeting 

60 Wall Street, NY, NY 11210

The Atrium

1pm to 3:00p

April 23, 2017


Call to order – note time
Roll call of members present 
Read minutes of last meeting for approval 
Present agenda for approval 
Officer reports 

Co-Chair*, Vice Chair, & Recording Secretary

Committee & LSB iaision reports 
Membership Committee - invitation to join; Mario’s ideas? 
Governance Committee: Bylaws revisions
LSB Programming Liaison - invitation to join
LSB Finance Liaison - Mario is one liaison, who is the other? interim February fund drive numbers?
CPB Compliance - review checklist among other things). 
Program Director search committee 
Important business which was previously designated to be considered 

a. March 19th meeting had started the clock for 3-unexcused-absence rule and all members have been notified (note: Chair received 1 excused absence for this meeting).


Next meeting date??

Adjournment – note time: 

* = The 2016/17 co-chair governance is under review by the CAB and station management