The Uncritic Reviews: “Connecting Cultures: a World in Brooklyn”
The Uncritic Reviews: “Connecting Cultures: a World in Brooklyn”
- NYC 10/05/2012 by Jim Krivo, The Uncritic (WBAI)

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There is a new long-term installation at the Brooklyn Museum entitled, “Connecting Cultures: a world in Brooklyn"

It is an exhibit that looks at and compares works of art in cultures all over the world. The curator of this installation, Kevin Stayton explains, in the audio below, one of these cultural connections, as we look at  an object that we all use everyday, but at least I never looked at in terms of its significance: the chair.

Kevin Stayton also explains another part of the installation, the part that looks at art depicting the cosmology of different cultures.

This exhibit is located right as you enter the museum and I hope you can all come to the Brooklyn Museum to learn from and enjoy it. 

Location: The Brooklyn Museum is located at 200 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, at the Brooklyn Museum stop of the 2 or 3 train.

Listen to Jim Krivo, The Uncritic's full review for the WBAI Cultural Calendar below.


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