Dark Cloud Hovers over Canadian PM visit to New York
Dark Cloud Hovers over Canadian PM visit to New York
- 09/28/2012 by Michael Holmes (WBAI)

Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper was in New York City last night at the Wardolf Astoria, Harper received  a Statesman of the Year award from the Appeal of Conscience Foundation.  

PETA believes he is the last person to be recognized for anything having to do with a conscience, Prime Minster Harper continues to support Canada’s subsidized annual slaughter of baby seals.

Each year tens of thousands of baby seals have their heads bashed in or are shot.

Sealers hook seals in the eyes, checks, or mouth and drag them across the ice, while the animals are often still conscious. Currently a small fraction of the animals permitted to be slaughtered have been killed since the price of seal fur   has plummeted as international outrage against the slaughter has risen. The European Union, Russia , and the United States have banned seal  products.

President Barack Obama and Russia’s president Vladimir Putin have spoken out against the massacre.

"The seal slaughter is a bloody stain on Canada's reputation, and Prime Minister Harper can't escape that stain no matter where he goes," says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. "PETA's 'spokesseal' won't give up until the massacre is stopped once and for all."    

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